Medvedev’s state-of-art stereo system

When Vladmir Putin and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had their breakfast over some political conversations, a lot of unity and love of patriotic dairy products could be seen. But what caught the luxury lovers’ eyes was the $200,000 Medvedev’s state-of-the-art stereo system. This extraordinary stereo includes giant speakers, a CD player, amplifiers, and other expensive gadgets.

Victoria Scott-RichardsMedvedev’s state-of-art stereo system

Family pays $500,000 for two-week stay at Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle

A family shelled out $500,000 for a two-week stay at the Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle owned by builder Joe Farrell. The ultra luxurious 11.5-acre estate features a 31,000 square-foot compound which features a two-lane bowling alley, a skateboard half-pipe, a rock climbing wall, a disco, a tennis court, theater, a children’s entertainment center, a spa facility and a heated gunite pool with …

Victoria Scott-RichardsFamily pays $500,000 for two-week stay at Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle

The bewitching ‘Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon’

Just when we thought Baselworld 2010 was over and we had seen all the high end masterpieces ever possible, Buben & Zorweg went ahead and unveiled the ‘Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon’ – and proved that it continues to boldly develop innovation and creativity into compelling concepts. Though it might seem like just a high security safe, there’s much more than meets …

Victoria Scott-RichardsThe bewitching ‘Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon’

Ferrari Replica – the ‘Modena Spyder’, available for purchase at $179,000

“Modena Spyder,” is the imitation of the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder with the original engine replaced with a brand new Ford Motorsports full-roller 302 V8 with the E303 Camshaft – topped off with an equally brand new 8 stack Inglese 48mm induction system. Inside, the Modena Spyder has a luxurious Connolly leather interior and the seats are newly …

Victoria Scott-RichardsFerrari Replica – the ‘Modena Spyder’, available for purchase at $179,000

AUX Level speaker can fill any large room with ease

Italian brand Outline has created the AUX Level speaker for those audiophiles who do not like their speaker system complicated and all that really matters to them is to be able to enjoy crystal clear music. This mono-block amplified stereo system is integrated with a 400-watt amp and speaker drivers. Also, the high quality AUX Level Speaker can be placed on …

Victoria Scott-RichardsAUX Level speaker can fill any large room with ease