Most expensive Android app SafeCell

Thanks to the Android smartphone, the most expensive app to hit the Android market. The app, called SafeCell, by ASiQ Limited Australia is said to be “the world’s most affordable in-flight mobile phone solution for private jets”. While conventional technology usually costs between $350,000 and $500,000, the app brings it to you for a measly $17,500 for a multi-channel license.

Victoria Scott-RichardsMost expensive Android app SafeCell

America’s first International Luxury Fair

Modeled on the lines of the Moscow’s famous the millionaires’ fair for the lovers of opulence, Sao Paulo in Brazil will be the face of the new luxury revolution in South America, with the first of its kind international luxury fair. To be held between November 23 and 25, this year, the event goes to show the growing economic power …

Victoria Scott-RichardsAmerica’s first International Luxury Fair

Pigeon Racing Takes Off in China

The luxury companies require minimal customization in order to sell a product or service anywhere in the world. But you can depend on China to be different. With the number of rich rising dramatically in China all sorts of records are being set there in terms of pricing, but the latest news coming out of there is a bit unusual. …

Victoria Scott-RichardsPigeon Racing Takes Off in China

Leisure Takes Over Luxury

In Luxury Institute’s Wealth Report that was brought out in collaboration with Resonance Consultancy, it was found out that the richest people in the world value leisurely activities more than conspicuous consumption. This seems to be trend whose rise is recent as the results for 2010 were in sharp contrast with that of 2008 in which corporate titles, Ivy League …

Victoria Scott-RichardsLeisure Takes Over Luxury

Outfitted with a Personal Touch

Private jets are the ultimate personal status symbol, and like their affluent counterparts in the West and the Middle East, business leaders and the wealthy elite in China not only prefer traveling exclusively and hassle-free in their private aircraft, they are increasingly seeking customization to make their jets truly “private statements.” As private aviation becomes more popular in the China …

Victoria Scott-RichardsOutfitted with a Personal Touch