World’s Most Expensive Speeding Tickets

In 2007, Switzerland overhauled their flat traffic fine system due to the disregard wealthy individuals had shown for basic traffic laws. This has led to a $290,000 fine for one repeat offender with an estimated $20 million in assets who was caught doing twice the 30 mph speed limit through a small village.Similarly, a driver in France was charged 70,000 …

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Speeding Tickets

Most Expensive Countertop Surface

A marble or granite countertop is an attractive way to spruce up your kitchen. Regular stone surface ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot, so constituting your entire kitchen in stone can be quite costly. For a truly posh countertop, however, only one stone will do enameled lava, the most expensive countertop surface in the world. Enameled lava stone …

Victoria Scott-RichardsMost Expensive Countertop Surface

Apple Ipod 24 Carat Gold is stunning!

This is for all you gold freaks! Apple iPod in 24carat gold is one gadget that will quench your thirst for gold like no other. The 80GB Video Black Front retails for $800, 80GB Video White Front for $800, 30GB Video Black Front for $600, and the 30GB Video White Front for $600.

Victoria Scott-RichardsApple Ipod 24 Carat Gold is stunning!

Sept 26 auction to feature Hitler's furniture and sketches

A very fine piece of German furniture that belonged to Adolf Hitler is being touted to fetch thousands of dollars. This furniture includes a desk, a bookshelf, a table and chairs, manufactured by the former Bavarian court furniture maker, M Ballin. Talking about the desk in detail, it has a leather writing surface in its centre and a drawer on …

Victoria Scott-RichardsSept 26 auction to feature Hitler's furniture and sketches

John O’Quinn pays $335,000 for Batman Forever Batmobile

Remember John O’Quinn? That Houston Attorney who made a fortune in a multibillion dollar Texas tobacco settlement? This time he went on to spend $335,000 on a Batmobile used in the film “Batman Forever.” Some other purchases he has made at the auction include a 1938 Cadillac Town Car used by Pope Pius XII which he bought for $250,000, a …

Victoria Scott-RichardsJohn O’Quinn pays $335,000 for Batman Forever Batmobile