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Monte Carlo

M55 Beast bike to be unveiled at Top Marques Monaco

M55 Beast bike to be unveiled at Top Marques Monaco

There is good news for all the electric bike lovers as they can get the taste of speeding brilliance at the world’s F1 favourites when M55′s Beast will be launched at the Top Marques Monaco, Monte Carlo. The event, which is claimed to be the most prestigious luxury fair in the world, will unveil the super star in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco. After four years of developing it comes back with a better suspension and refined drive system and will be up for grabs from April 14th. During the main launch visitors can also take a test ride on this beauty aside from making their bookings. The first limited series will have 1,000 pieces until further editions are launched. From April 6th, the Beast will be displayed at the Monaco Metropole Shopping Centre. The bike will cost $35,455.

Designer Jewelry Line Marina B

Jewelry Line Marina B

Marina B, the luxury jewelry line created by Marina Bulgari decades ago, is being given new life under the aegis of Windsor Jewels. The brand picks up where the prior designs from the 1980s and 1990s left off with bold, vibrant pieces. Marina Bulgari, who lives in Monte Carlo, created jewelry for Bulgari until the mid-1970s. After the death of her father, she started her own eponymous brand, Marina B, in Geneva.

Windsor Jewelers’ CEO Paul Lubetsky is a passionate fan of Marina B designs and plans to base the new collection on the best archive pieces and designs of Marina B. Lubetsky, a passionate fan of Marina B’s designs, acquired hundreds of original sketches from Marina B herself. All of the new Marina B jewelry will be made using 18K gold, and many pieces will feature precious gemstones and pav diamonds. Pieces will be fashioned by the same artisans in Italy that Marina B trained and worked with. Retail prices will begin at $5,000, but unique, one-of-a-kind pieces will be more expensive. There is a new Marina B showroom at 589 Fifth Avenue.

Las Vegas and MGM Mirage’s LGBT Fabulous Weekend

Las Vegas and MGM Mirage

Las Vegas luxury hotel chain MGM Mirage has set an example in the hospitality industry by LGBT even organizers. The Fabulous LGBT Weekend, to be held in Las Vegas would see the creme de la creme de societe nudge with other hot shots in the Las Vegas luxury hotel chain MGM Mirage.

Las Vegas was chosen as the venue partly because of its openness and mostly because it has some of the most exciting nightclubs in the U.S.A. Gay people could choose to stay in hip hotels and lodges like the ARIA, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Luxor and Excalibur. It would be held between the 12th and 15th of August.

People would also get to attend Lady Gaga’s music concert at the Monster Ball. MGM Mirage has an established name in the LGBT circles, and in Las Vegas they are like the king of pink businesses.

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