Most Expensive Guitars in the world

Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster Price $3.7 million Formerly bought by the Qatari Royal family for $1 million, a ‘Fender Stratocaster’ was resold at a Reach out to Asia charity drive auction in Qatar in 2005, for a price of $2.7 million. Having generated $3.7 million in charity for the Tsunami victims, the sale of the guitar was coordinated …

Victoria Scott-RichardsMost Expensive Guitars in the world

Five special-edition guitars by Gibson

Five special editions of Gibson Guitars including a Slash Appetite, Randy Scruggs Advanced Jumbo and the Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Les Paul will release this year. Gibson Guitars has always offered such unprecedented masterpieces, second to none. This time too, Gibson has lived up to their standards of electric innovation.

Victoria Scott-RichardsFive special-edition guitars by Gibson

Gibson to recreate Billy Gibbons’ Pearly Gates Les Paul

Guitar lovers across the globe seem to be enthralled with the announcement of Gibson Guitars teaming up with Billy Gibbons to recreate a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Guitar- the sacred Pearly Gates. There are a total of three different models which will be replicating every little details of the legendary guitar. The stock of all these models is limited …

Victoria Scott-RichardsGibson to recreate Billy Gibbons’ Pearly Gates Les Paul

The all new CrystalRoc collection..

In a partnership between Music Bank, the famous backline rental resource in Europe and CrystalRoc, an exclusive range of high-end equipment is being supplied to clients. The exclusive range features a custom Gibson Les Paul guitar, a full DW Drums drum kit, a 50th Anniversary Gibson Flying V guitar decked out with Jet Hematite crystals and a set of Sennheiser …

Victoria Scott-RichardsThe all new CrystalRoc collection..