Dream futuristic project Superbus

Wubbo Ockels a future visionary has got a boom in transportation and made a super bus that runs at a speed of 155 kmph a reality. The electrically powered Dutch Superbus can accommodate 23 passengers at a time and is powered by a 300kw engine and several lithium-ion batteries that make it Eco- friendly. The vehicle itself is made entirely …

Victoria Scott-RichardsDream futuristic project Superbus

The Luxury Carbon-Neutral Home Concept

Luxury and eco-friendly seem to be mutually exclusive. The developers are betting on this human emotion and are hoping to turn it into a money spinner. They are promoting the luxury carbon-neutral home concept. It basically means that the property attains a net zero carbon footprint. There are many critics of the concept who point out that you might have …

Victoria Scott-RichardsThe Luxury Carbon-Neutral Home Concept

Hanuman concept yacht: An excellent sea-keeping vessel

Two young designers, Maxime Le Mounier and Dominik Lux, have created the 72m eco-friendly superyacht Hanuman taking eco-friendly yachting to an all new level. This yacht boasts of solar panels, two 1500 kw LPG engines, a160 sq m kite and cruising speed of 14 knots. Not to mention, the cruise can accommodate 12 passengers and 15 crew members.

Victoria Scott-RichardsHanuman concept yacht: An excellent sea-keeping vessel

Milan expo targets green-minded consumers

Considered as the most important design event in the world, the Milan International Furniture Fair attracts the most inspiring and talented from the designing world. So, as the world’s most renowned designers converge at the center stage to highlight their gorgeous designs in these tough economic times, the eco-friendly factor was the obvious attraction. Targeted at the green-minded consumers with …

Victoria Scott-RichardsMilan expo targets green-minded consumers