Misfits Modular Sofa

Misfits is a modular sofa series with a corner and central elements and two footstools that can be used separately or in different configurations. Introduced at milan’s salone del mobile 2007, misfits elements look as natural as if shaped by wind and sea. comfortable, relaxed lounging is easily found within misfit’s eccentric and softly rounded seats. their unique shapes allow …

Victoria Scott-RichardsMisfits Modular Sofa

Schimmel’s K 208 Pegasus Oval Art Grand Piano

Designed by eccentric German designer and aerodynamics expert, Professor Luigi Colani, the K 208 Pegasus manages to “free the grand piano of its traditional form” and still produce superior quality sound when played. Professor Colani, who commutes between Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris, is at war with all corners and edges. So he paired up with renowned German piano …

Victoria Scott-RichardsSchimmel’s K 208 Pegasus Oval Art Grand Piano

Embrace Lounge

Designed by Tanya Aguiniga, this funky sofa cum bed will enthuse all to just collapse on it. Rendering a hug like comfort, this Embrace Lounge is true to its name. Tanya defines her furniture as “a way to translate emotions into a three dimensional objects and tell stories through color and touch.”

Victoria Scott-RichardsEmbrace Lounge

A luxury desk made from wood

The French designer Loïc Keriselhas created this beautiful piece of architecture which is a piece of art in itself. More than just a piece of furniture, this is the materialisation of a great artist’s inner world. It is a painting and a sculpture crafted into a single object. It is a reference and devotion to the great tradition of French …

Victoria Scott-RichardsA luxury desk made from wood

Orange22 BOT

Orange’s Pink Flora bench is a limited edition of the benches to raise awareness on breast cancer. Orange22 will donate $25 of the proceeds from each product sold to breast cancer awareness, research, and treatment.These are cute weather proof benches that form a style statement kept in any part of the indoor or outdoor premises. These durable benches can hold …

Victoria Scott-RichardsOrange22 BOT