Water Mill, Estate adorned with Luxury

The Hamptons are full of lavish real estate and so it takes a lot to turn heads but this one in Water Mill, New York definitely does. Newsday reported last year that the home belongs to real estate principal and Chef Andrew Borrok. According to that article, the kitchen has a prep-kitchen, walk-in refrigeration, bakery and a finishing kitchen upstairs …

Victoria Scott-RichardsWater Mill, Estate adorned with Luxury

Buy Your Own Mini Moscow But in $3 million

It’s been 60 years since the Bolshevik Revolution took over the Russian political and social atmosphere and change things forever. And to mark the occasion with a magnificent reminder of the same is a 400 sqaure feet model of the city of Moscow which was originally created way back in 1977. This one is a sight to behold being a …

Victoria Scott-RichardsBuy Your Own Mini Moscow But in $3 million

World’s Most Expensive Footwares

PechePlatinum crocodile flip flops – $400 The most expensive flip flops in the world are made with patent-pending technology and hand-matched crocodile straps. Furthermore, if your conscience won’t allow you to wear a crocodile skin on your foot, PechePlatinum assures us that selling shoes made of crocodiles and donating 5% of the profits to primate-friendly eco-groups somehow helps both the …

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Footwares

World’s Most Expensive Japanese Art

An anonymous party represented by Mitsukoshi Ltd., a company that operates department stores, recently made history by making this statue the most expensive piece of Japanese or Buddhist art ever auctioned. The twenty-six inch, gold-painted statue, thought to be sculpted by Kamakura-period (1185–1333) artist Unkei, depicts a seated Dainichi Nyorai sun goddess. While it was expected to sell for less …

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Japanese Art

World’s Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Slippers $1.2 million They are studded with 642 Burma rubies weighing in at 123.33 carats. The settings are made of half a pound of platinum. These shoes were made with the help of Oscar Heyman Bros.

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Women’s Shoes