The $1.2 million Pagani Huayra

For all of you who are very passionate about cars must be familiar with Pagani. These are one-in-a-million cars, given the fact that the company doesn’t have an assembly line, instead producing a smaller number of cars that cost a fortune each. The company is now planning to begin selling in the United States by the year 2013, with the …

Victoria Scott-RichardsThe $1.2 million Pagani Huayra

Toni Braxton Facing Foreclosure

The Wall Street Journal reports that the holder of Braxton’s mortgage debt won bankruptcy court approval to start proceedings against her home in Duluth, Georgia. Braxton doesn’t own the property, a trust does. She owes $1.5 million on her mortgage, while the property itself been appraised at $1.2 million. She took out the mortgage in 2004 with Wells Fargo Bank …

Victoria Scott-RichardsToni Braxton Facing Foreclosure

World’s Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Slippers $1.2 million They are studded with 642 Burma rubies weighing in at 123.33 carats. The settings are made of half a pound of platinum. These shoes were made with the help of Oscar Heyman Bros.

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Most Expensive Knife

In 1966, Buster Warenski decided that he’d like to make his own knife. Forty years later, he is considered one of the greatest knife makers of the last century. At the age of thirty, he became one of the handfuls of knife makers to join the Knife makers Guild. He ended up serving two terms as the guild’s president. His …

Victoria Scott-RichardsMost Expensive Knife

World’s Most Expensive Piano

The piano was originally bought by Lennon in December 1970 and delivered to a studio at his home in Tittenhurst Park in Berkshire, England. He composed and recorded the song “Imagine” on it and was filmed playing the song on it for the first time for his wife, Yoko Ono, and the Plastic Ono band. Believed to be a piece …

Victoria Scott-RichardsWorld’s Most Expensive Piano