About Us

PrivilegedClub.com is a site dedicated to the world of Luxury. We track Luxury news globally for discerning customers – both from the consumer world as well as the trade.

We track luxury brands and key product categories that we track include watches, handbags, estates, wines, fashion, gadgets, art, cars among the key product categories. We are proud to address the needs and desires of the extremely affluent consumers, from across the globe in one place at PrivilegedClub.com

Our Key contributors are led by VSR (Victoria Scott-Richards) who curates the contributions of our key journalists: Audrey Jones, Jeff Gold, Daphnie Patterson and Jessie Bates. The team can be reached on vsr@privilegedclub.com or on +44 208 1800 135.

Our office is located at 315, Chiswick High Road, London W4 4HH, United Kingdom.

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