Bulleit Shoots a New Premium Rye

Bulleit Shoots a New Premium Rye

When Bulleit Bourbon hit the shelves in 1999, its high Rye content, as well as its unique apothecary-style bottle put it on the map right away with Bourbon fans. A dram more than a decade after it started rolling through the market, Bulleit has come forth with a straight rye.

Rye is on the rise, especially with bartenders who seem to have rediscovered it in the last couple of years. But rising popularity is still relative. Heaven Hill, for example, says it can produce a year’s worth of its Rittenhouse Rye in about a day. Some of the popularity and increased consumption is coming about because of new brands and expressions, though, like Jim Beam’s Ri1.

Straight rye whiskey must have at least a 51 percent rye mashbill. But Bulleit Rye is 95 percent with the remaining 5% from malted barley. Tom Bulleit, founder of the brand, says he has been working on the rye for seven years. The company says that it sources its rye from Germany, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

Bulleit Rye is aged in new, white-oak barrels that are charred to the maximum #4 level, says the company, before being filled. The whiskey is bottled at 90 proofs, the same as Bulleit Bourbon. And the suggested retail price is $27.99.

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