America’s first International Luxury Fair

The Expo Luxo

Modeled on the lines of the Moscow’s famous the millionaires’ fair for the lovers of opulence, Sao Paulo in Brazil will be the face of the new luxury revolution in South America, with the first of its kind international luxury fair. To be held between November 23 and 25, this year, the event goes to show the growing economic power of the region.

The Expo Luxo as it is termed will put on display variety of latest products like luxury cars, yachts, private jets, helicopters, jewelry, watches, fashion, electronics and technology, home decor, cosmetics, real estate, spirits, gourmet goods and artwork, alongside premium services like architecture, interior design, landscaping, concierge services, private chefs and more. The event will also see exhibitions, conferences, seminars, concerts and several presentations making the event for the 35,000 plus audience interactive.

Victoria Scott-RichardsAmerica’s first International Luxury Fair