Starck’s Designs On Paris Luxury Hotel

Le Royal Monceau

French designer Philippe Starck is going to think out of the box and come up with something incredibly beautiful. And the latest from the French designer is an interior project at a luxury hotel in Paris, Le Royal Monceau.

Starck’s comment about hotels being “intrinsically pointless” is interesting. He considers hotels as nothing more than shelters for people. And now, having taken on the job of re-imagining the interiors of the famous and historic Le Royal Monceau in Paris, Starck has brought his own elegant touch to it. He has tried to imbue the hotel with a sense of homeliness without compromising on history, art and modern elegance. After all, this is in the heart of Paris. One should not expect any less.

Located a short walk away from Parc Monceau and the Arc de Triomphe, Le Royal Monceau is a historical landmark. The hotel opened on 1 August 1928 and quickly became the haunt for intellectuals and other well-known personalities.

Nicely-turned-out doormen greet patrons at the entrance, guiding them towards Le Grande Salon, the main meeting place. Starck’s elegant work is visibly everywhere you look. Since the refurbished hotel reopened in October 2010, Starck’s interiors add new character to this longstanding landmark.

Victoria Scott-RichardsStarck’s Designs On Paris Luxury Hotel