Origin Times Create a Watch Winder

Watch Winder

Origin Times has come up with something innovative that is interesting and hence appealing. They have produced the Big Block Winder. It is a stunning watch winder built around an original Bugatti Veyron engine block. It is not just another engine block but a sixteen cylinder engine block that used to give a Bugatti its legendary power.

The look is imposing because it is the real thing. It is a real engine block but instead of pistons the 16 cylinder engine features 16 watch winders which can be individually controlled and calibrated to suit the needs of each timepiece. The level of craftsmanship is of a very high level. The conversion of the engine block into a winder is a technical feat that has turned the Big Block Winder into a collector’s item.

The winder offers personalization options also according to your choice and needs. The price of the Big Block Winder is also big at $75,000 plus all the local taxes which are applicable.

Victoria Scott-RichardsOrigin Times Create a Watch Winder