Most Expensive Knife

In 1966, Buster Warenski decided that he’d like to make his own knife. Forty years later, he is considered one of the greatest knife makers of the last century. At the age of thirty, he became one of the handfuls of knife makers to join the Knife makers Guild. He ended up serving two terms as the guild’s president.

Gem of the Orient

His Legacy Series of four 18k gold knives includes the most expensive modern knife in the world Gem of the Orient. Designed for a Japanese customer, the knife’s jade and gold filigree handle is encrusted with 153 emeralds (10 carats) and nine diamonds (5 carats). In all, the knife was made with 28 ounces of gold. Supposedly, it took Warenski 10 years to make.

The world’s most expensive modern knife was originally sold for $1.2 million. The buyer, in turn, put Gem of the Orient up for sale for $2.1 million.

Victoria Scott-RichardsMost Expensive Knife