Martin Aircraft’s Jetpack “test pilot” program is not to be missed

martin jetpack[1]

Do you weigh less that 90 kgs and do you have a valid driver’s license? If yes, I’m sure u would be exhilarated after reading this. New Zealand adventure travel specialist Total Experience has joined hands with Martin Aircraft to present a Jetpack “test pilot” program.

Now this program is not to be missed, why because, apart from being extremely safe, this jetpack absolutely no previous flying experience to soar the skies in this Jetpack. To be held at the Martin Aircraft in Christchurch, New Zealand, the test pilot program also offers you the choice to be accompanied by four people. You will, however, do away with your own flight time in this case.

Also, not to mention you will be provided with your safety gear and the test pilot jumpsuit. And particularly interesting is that you will be given a video of your fun flight experience in the end.

FYI – Martin Aircraft flight team has flown over 5000 tests flights of the VTOL “Jetpack” in the past year.

Victoria Scott-RichardsMartin Aircraft’s Jetpack “test pilot” program is not to be missed