Rolls Royce armored Phantom for sale in Germany

Rolls Royce Phantom.jpg

The BMW X5 Security Plus has some solid competition. Rolls Royce has released their fully armored Rolls Royce Phantom which can with stand everything from a direct assault with an AK 47 to a poison gas attack. The armored version of the Phantom is for sale in Germany for about $1.5 million. The vehicle has been engineered to the highest international protection rating; there are no virtual differences between the standard and the armored version which can lure attackers into a false sense of security.

The car features high-tech fiber composites and special steel plating to provide protection for the bodywork, with bulletproof glass for all windows and its own oxygen supply in the trunk in case of a gas attack. The ultra-luxe car’s aluminum spaceframe chassis and suspension have been strengthened and the 453 hp powertrain remains unchanged. There has been no change in the luxury and comfort level of the car either. The armored Phantom offers substantial security benefits for those customers that require the highest level of personal protection.

Victoria Scott-RichardsRolls Royce armored Phantom for sale in Germany