A $4.2m tiara for a pet dog

dog tiara.jpg

The United States saw a huge boost in pet accessories when Paris Hilton began collecting and dressing small dogs. Suddenly, everyone wanted a tiny dog and clothing for it to wear. Designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, and Christian Audigier jumped on the dog accessory bandwagon. But Thai jewelry designer Riwin Jirapolsek goes a mile further or maybe more than that. Over two months, he designed a $4.2 million tiara for his 15 year-old male Maltese using precious stones given to him by his mother.

The piece, created with titanium and encrusted with 250 carats worth of diamonds and emeralds, was featured at a dog-clothing runway show in Bangkok. While he says he has no plans to sell the tiara, he is planning on designing more jewelry for the dog. He told Reuters, “I will make a hair clip next time because my dog has to wear clips every day. Otherwise, his fur will block his view.” Clothing for pooches is nothing new but the tiara has definitely raised the bar. Some people can do just anything for their pet.

Victoria Scott-RichardsA $4.2m tiara for a pet dog