A peek into Allen Stanfords Houston headquarters

stanford seating area.jpg

Texas billionaire, Allen Stanford became the subject of several fraud investigations in early 2009 and on 17th Feb, 2009 he was charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with fraud and multiple violations of U.S. securities laws for alleged “massive ongoing fraud” involving $8 billion in certificates of deposits. Lawyers for the court-appointed receiver overseeing Stanford’s corporate empire gave Reuters a tour of the Houston headquarters of Stanford Financial Group. Reuters reports that the Houston headquarters is now “a mass of marble and mahogany”.


The lavish headquarters once boasted a 5-star dining room, movie theater, professional kitchen and wine bar. Every part of the building is grandiose, which speaks to the larger-than-life image Stanford created as a jet-setting financier, sports promoter and philanthropist. But the richness of his first-floor labyrinth of personal rooms, accessible only with a magnetic card, speaks volumes about how he lived.

Allen Stanford’s personal desk in his Houston office is seen in the image above. The desk is situated in a corner of the cavernous space beside floor-to-ceiling windows that look onto a manicured lawn.

Seen here is the professional grade kitchen of the billionaire’s corporate headquarters in Houston. Here 5-star chefs produced a new menu every day for the office’s corporate dining room, the Eagle Room. This is the auditorium in Stanford’s Houston office. A wine bar stacked with hundreds of bottles is seen where Stanford employees entertained clients and guests.

A luxurious sitting area is seen outside Allen Stanford’s personal office in the Houston headquarters.

A set of mahogany double-doors flanked by Stanford’s corporate eagle logo leads to the cavernous personal office of the Texas billionaire. Moreover if Stanford ever wanted to make a low-profile departure from the inner sanctum within his lavish Houston headquarters, there was a private exit through his personal bathroom.

Victoria Scott-RichardsA peek into Allen Stanfords Houston headquarters