Ukrainian tycoon buys Britain’s costliest apartment

One Hyde Park penthouse 468x287 Ukrainian tycoon buys Britains costliest apartment

Ukraine’s richest man has set a record for property in Britain, spending $213 million on two London flats. The flats cover 2,323 square metres across three floors of a luxury development overlooking Hyde Park, and have been bought by Rinat Akhmetov. The oligarch plans to combine them to make a penthouse, including a further $93.6 million in interior improvements, according to the London Evening Standard.

One Hyde Park has everything an oligarch could need, with cinema, pool, saunas and wine cellar. The building reportedly still has 30 units available and a one bedroom can reportedly set you back $10 million. London has become a playground for international businessmen and overseas investors looking for a safe-haven economy, leading to a boom in the prices of expensive homes.

Victoria Scott-RichardsUkrainian tycoon buys Britain’s costliest apartment