Obama Neighbor Selling

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The home is situated directly next to President Obama’s Chicago residence. The owners Bill and Jacky Grimshaw said they expects it will take just the right buyer who wants to live amid a security encampment some have found oppressive.

There isn’t a price tag for now: the sellers are welcoming offers over the next six weeks. Interested buyers need to go through a vetting process, and there will be tours offered twice a week through early October, according to the listing.

5040 South Greenwood Avenue was built in 1906 by A.R. Clark, who was the original owner of President Obama’s home at 5046 South Greenwood. During World War II, the home was used to house officers that needed to stay in the Hyde Park Area, and eventually became the boarding house for a small military school, which was located next door on the north side of the home.

The current owners purchased the home from the Colonel who ran the military school. The newly elected freshman Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, and his young family moved in next door to the home in 2005. Within 3 years he had become the 44th President of the United States. During the Iowa Primary in 2007, the upstart Obama campaign filmed a Christmas “from our family to yours” television commercial in front of the living room fireplace of the home.

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