In 2011 , China spent 42.6 billion yuan to buy Swiss watches , accounted for 32% of the total Swiss watch exports to become the largest buyer. In January 2012 to April , the Chinese have spent € 12.5 billion on Swiss watches , an increase of 26 percent over the same period last year . What’s worth to mention, although Beijing and Shanghai is generally the first choice for luxury brands, the watch industry is a exception. The north-east China market often became their preference. Despite the latest technical breakthroughs in forging new materials, creating new in-house movement designs, or manufacturing rugged watches for “ingenieurs,” the general appeal of simple and refined dress watches is something no luxury brand can ignore.

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Diamonds may be forever but there is nothing new about the appeal of colored gemstones, which were worn by Wallis Simpson and are favored by the Duchess of Cambridge, who wears the 12-carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring once owned by Diana, Princess of Wales. Rare and beautiful as they may be, Cailey Barker, mining analyst at Numis, identifies a number of factors pushing up gemstone prices lately, including rising demand in the world’s largest economy. “Gemstones have been performing well mainly because of jewellery buying on the street, predominantly led by the US,” she said. Gemfields’ marketing has been very successful, according to Barker, partly helped by the fact that it also owns the luxury jeweller Fabergé.


>The Dalmore 62 was released in 2002. It first appeared at an auction back in 2003. The distillery set a world record by selling a bottle of 62-year-old Dalmore for over £25,000. In 2006, another bottle of the same whisky went for £32,000 to an anonymous business man at the Penny Hill Park hotel in Surrey. Reportedly, after sharing it with friends, the buyer left a tip for the waiter in the form of the last drop of whisky in the bottle estimated to be worth £1,000. The Dalmore 62, which recently established a record price of $200,000 by a Chinese buyer at the Changi Airport Group in Singapore, is said to be the last bottle of the collection released from the personal collection of Master distiller Richard Paterson.

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